Celebrate Books in 2017!

In honor of the New Year, I did some research to find commemeorative days to celebrate reading. It turns out there’s quite a few. Oh, and did you know you can make any day a holiday. All you have to do is collect, 30,000 names on a petition. I’m declaring today “National Clean-Your-Room Day”. (Sign here). 



Storystorm Month (Book Idea Brainstorming)

Hobby Month

2 Science Ficiton Day

14 National Clean Your Room Day (and then read a book you found!)

27 National Geographic Day/ Family Literacy Day in Canada



4 Take Your Child to the Librabry Day

14 Internantional Book Giving Day



National Reading Month

2 World Book Day/ Dr. Seuss’s Birthday/Read Across America Week

4 Scrapbooking Day

5-11 Read an E-book Week

19 Read to Me Day

21 World Poetry Day



Poetry Month

1 Reading is Funny Day

2 International Children’s Book Day

12 Bookmobile Day

19 Poetry and the creative Mind Day

23 World Book Day/Night



Get Caught Reading Month

1 Mother Goose Day

6 Free Comic Book day

16 Drawing Day/Biographers Day



30 Social Media Day



30 Paperback Book Day



1 World Wide Web Day

2 Coloring Book Day

9 Book Lovers Day

21 Poet’s Day



6 Read a book Day

7 Buy a Book Day

8 International Literacy Day

16 Read an e-book Day

25 Comic Book Day



Dyslexia Awareness Month

5 World Teacher’s Day

6 National Poetry Day

25 International Artists Day



Novel Writing Month

15 I love to Write Day



21 Short Story Day


PS: I didn't make these up. (Except for National Clean Your Room Day-Don't tell my kids!)


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