How to Help an Author Out

It's no secret. Most authors are scraping by fiancially. But if you want to help out your  favorite author here are 6 ways.

  1. Buy the book. Authors need to sell 5 books a day to keep a title visible on Amazon.
  2. Give it as a gift. This is the best way to find new readers.
  3. Recommend it.
  4. Add a review on Amazon. Reviews help sell books. (For real. Books with more reviews have a better standing on Amazon.) It's easy. See "How to write a simple book review".
  5. Like, comment and share on social media. The more a post on Facebook is interacted with the more people that can see it.
  6. Follow their Amazon author page. Any updates or new books will post there first.

What's your favorite way to "help out" your favorite author?



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