Insect Garden

Honeybees love lavender!

How can we help the bees and other insects? Plant an insect garden. In The Bug Zoo Aspen and Eva plant their own garden to attract insects.


You will need:

1 pot



4-5 plants or seeds depending on the size of your pot




1) Put an inch of gravel in the bottom of your pot to help with drainage.

2) Fill the rest of the pot with soil.

3) Add water until the soil is very wet.

4) For each plant make a hole big enough for the roots of the plant. You want the top of the soil to be in the same place on the plant as it was in the container.

5) For each seed make a small hole with the tip of your finger. Cover the seed with soil.

6) Water gently, every day.


Some good plants for insects include: Marigolds, coneflowers, cosmos, lupine, sweet basil, chives, lavender, honeysuckle, rosemary and mint.


Tips: Place a saucer or upside-down lid under your pot to catch extra drips.


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