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Happy Clover Day! Make a Carboard tube Into a 4 leaf clover!


1 paper towel tube or two TP tubes

1 paper plate

Green Paint (I like washable Tempura Paint. Find it here:


paint brush






1) Pour some paint on your paper plate. Paint your tubes, inside and out. (You can sprinkle glitter on the wet paint if you like).

2) After the tubes are dry, flatten them.

3) Cut them into pieces about half an inch wide. You need 5 pieces.

4) Shape 4 of the cardboard strips with your hands. I like a heart shape.

5) Glue the tips of the heart together. Glue the last piece on for a stem.

6) Cut a piece of string. Tie it to the top.

7) Hang it in a fun place. Now you're ready for the leprechauns!

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