How to Write a (Simple) Book Review

My dad used to say “I can’t write letters because I have nothing to say”, and lets face it, a lot of people feel that way about book reviews. But it’s not true. A book review is just an opinion about a book, and we know everyone has one of those. So how do you write a book review that doesn’t take all day?


Simple is best


1) Write your opinion

“I like this book because….”


2) Compare with similar books or characters that you like

“Aspen and Eva remind me of Ivy & Bean”.


3) Mention others who would like it.

“Perfect for second graders who love…”


And you’re done.


Extra Credit-Other ideas to add

  • A quote from the book
  • Was it entertaining or funny
  • Would you read more books by this author
  • Mention something you would like to read more about


Let’s practice: I like (name of book), because _____. It reminds me of  (name of book or character). I recommend it for (age group).


Example: I enjoyed reading "The Case of the Found Dog" because I love Eva. She reminds me of Ramona Quimby. I recommend it for second graders who love to do things!


See how easy that was? If you need more practice feel free to try it on any of my books on Amazon


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